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<p>I-File Technologies is the only company in Ireland that offers distinct added value thanks to a unique combination of service provision and in-house software development. By integrating these two areas of expertise into our approach, we can digitise physical information optimally: in the right context, for the right user and at the right moment.</p> <p>The power of our software solutions can be sought in the fact that we offer high quality software with sufficient flexibility and adaptability to respond quickly to change. This has resulted in an entirely unique methodology of software development, based on so-called the agile methods, which have an impressive track record as a professional software development approach.</p> <p>As a certified Microsoft-partner we deploy the latest and most advanced Microsoft .Net-technologies, such as the Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010, which guarantees optimal integration, rapid, streamlined processing and effective software development. And as we invested at an early stage in the development of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), combined with a SAS70 certified data centre, we can quickly respond to the wishes of our customers and ensure top quality software.</p>

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