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What is a rack inspection?

Our Dexion’s Pallet racking inspectors are fully certified to SEMA standards and hold the SARI certification for rack inspections, meaning that they are highly experienced and competent to conduct your yearly inspections and to ensure your facilities are kept safe. Following every inspection of the pallet racking or shelving system a detailed report is provided,…


Keep your warehouse safe with the correct safety accessories for Pallet Racking

      Floor mounted Column Guard A substantial form of protection for pallet racking uprights, protects against low level impact damage caused by forklift trucks. Snap on Column Guard Protect-it™ can absorb large impacts and easily attach to a column without additional fasteners. Column Guard with Foam Metal Column protection with shock absorbing foam inside. Rack end…


Why inspect your Warehouse Pallet Racking ?

  Why does your racking need a regular inspection? Regular inspection and repair of your pallet racking and shelving is a critical element of warehouse management. Warehouse and Operational Managers may not understand the risks to operation, staff and stock if they fail to take care of their storage systems. Failure to carry out regular…