Storage Systems

Pallet Racking

Create functional and logical warehouse storage with the right pallet racking system. Thanks to a wide range of possible storage applications and accessories, our Dexion pallet racking systems can be easily adapted to suit your warehouse storage requirements.

We will help save space and maximise storage capacity with a suitable Dexion pallet racking solution. Dexion Pallet racking can be configured in a variety of ways and systems, depending on the customer's requirements and pallet load.Whether its frozen food in a cold store utilising either Drive-in racking or mobile racking (MOVO), or bulk goods, such as products with a "best before date", that are stored on a FIFO (first in first out) pallet flow system, all goods stored on pallets will be ideally stored by one of these methods as this provides optimal storage economics.

standard Wide Aisle pallet racking


drive in pallet racking

Drive-in Racking

mobile pallet racking

Mobile Pallet Racking

narrow aisle pallet racking

Narrow Aisle Racking

multi tier pallet racking

Multi-tier Pallet Racking

pallet shuttle system

Pallet Shuttle System

pull out racking

Pull-Out Unit

carton flow rack system

Carton Flow

push back trolley system

Push Back - Trolleys

push back roller system

Push Back - Rollers

Dexion Pallet Flow system

Pallet Flow