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Storage Systems - Celebrating 40 years in Business!

For 40 years, Storage Systems Ltd. has been the premier supplier of industrial and commercial storage solutions in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. Founded in 1976, we are proud to announce that we are the only official distributor of two prominent international storage system brands, Dexion and Bruynzeel in Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. Our storage solutions of shelving & racking are simply superb and are designed to the best of international standards.

For decades we have been delivering the most advanced storage solutions that are easy to use, make the most of the available space, and are cost effective. Since our establishment, we have completed numerous installations in all types of industries and business both commercial and industrial, across the country. This has gained us enormous trust and reputation in the market as the No.1 leader in storage solutions.

Today, we have our offices in four major cities in the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland - Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. In addition to off-the-shelf storage units, we also offer custom storage shelving units exclusively designed for your needs and budget. We believe in walking an extra mile to deliver products that not just meet your immediate needs, but also contribute to your business success by offering the best storage environment possible.

We are the benchmark when it comes to storage solutions today. Explore our online storage systems portal below to learn more about our storage products and services. Today Storage Systems Ltd. continues to grow and develop, and we look forward to continued success for the next 40 years.

Dexion Industrial Storage Systems

Dexion Industrial Storage Systems

Whatever you need to store in your warehouse, factory, hospital, industrial unit or distribution centre, Dexion will have the suitable storage system for your goods, items and products, from pallet racking to shelving systems to multi-tier shelving, longspan shelving or even cantilever racking to our small plastic storage bins. From mezzanine floor systems to our industrial steel partitioning, anti collaspe mesh or even our comprehensive range of lockers, production workbenches and storage cabinets, our Dexion storage products are the best solution for your storage needs.

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Bruynzeel Commercial Storage Systems

Bruynzeel Commercial Storage Systems

Whatever you need to store in your office, library, hospital university, archive or museum, Bruynzeel will have a suitable storage system for your product, file, box, archive document or library book. From our electronic mobile shelving to high density mobile shelving, office shelving to library shelving systems or even our office cabinets, mobile cabinets and drawer cabinet systems to our comprehensive range of archive shelving, static shelving and museum systems, our Bruynzeel storage products are the best solution for your storage needs. 

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