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Choosing Pallet Racking – The Ultimate Guide

Selecting the correct pallet racking system is of pivotal importance to warehouse space optimization. It is a decision that will cost you significantly if you select the wrong system, either through lost opportunity or the cost of retrospectively changing the system. The below factors must be carefully considered when making this system;   Budget Available…


Top 5 No-Cost Warehouse Racking and Shelving Tips

Warehouse racking and shelving is of absolute pivotal importance to warehouse infrastructure. A bulletproof supply chain management system, maximizing warehouse space and optimizing warehouse organization is the make or break of any warehouse operations.   Warehouse racking and shelving systems are closely interconnected; this means when a pallet shelf or rack falls, there is almost always a…


Storage Solutions for Third Party Logistics

The challenges faced by 3PL companies requires optimum storage solutions that guarantee speed, flexibility and safety of the products stored. Some of the key issues faced are: Flexibility to alter layouts and adapt as contracts change Ability to store a variety of different sized goods Optimum use of space in a warehouse, obtaining the most…


Shelving system for efficient small part storage

Medical centres, hospitals, vets or pharmacies all need to stock a high number of product lines to accommodate their patient’s needs. Galvanised finish Ideal for ambient or chilled areas Range of design layouts Modular design, easy to adjust or extend Perfect for small component storage Mobile shelving offers added security features Our shelving range offers…


Racking for palletised goods

Raw materials delivered to a drug manufacturer often arrive palletised and need to be stored ready for usage, sometimes in temperature controlled environments. Once manufactured and packaged they need to be stored prior to dispatch, usually on pallets. Wide aisle racking for easy access Mobile Pallet Racking for dense storage Pallet Shuttle/Drive-in without access lanes…


Pharmaceutical warehousing and distribution… we have it covered with Dexion

Whether you are developing, manufacturing, or distributing & selling pharmaceutical based products, the conditions these goods are stored in vary and need to follow strict standards Various requirements for safety, traceability, hygiene, and temperature often result in a demand for custom made storage solutions. Dexion’s wide range of adaptable products can provide solutions that meet…


Storage Systems donates Changing Room Lockers to Glasnevin Boxing Club

Dear Storage Systems, On behalf of all at Glasnevin Boxing Club may I take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your recent generous donation of Changing Room Lockers. I can assure you that all our members are extremely grateful. We are aware of the financial restraints attached to businesses in the current climate…


Store Palletised Food and Drink on Adjustable Racking

                  Even in a state of the art warehouse for Food and Drink, standard pallet racking is still the most common form of pallet storage. The versatility of this pallet racking system means this can be assembled in a single or double deep configuration, to fit your…