Storage Systems

Storage Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

We aim to continue working with you by providing ongoing support in terms of the maintenance and servicing of our products. In many cases there is a legal responsibility on our customers to ensure that our storage products are regularly inspected and maintained to guarantee an ongoing safe operation. Utilising our skilled inspectors we can provide this service and carry out any remedial work that is required, making sure our customers operation continues to operate efficiently and safely.

Storage Systems can:

  • Offer a maintenance or service contract to your specific requirements
  • Carry out maintenance in accordance with the service plan
  • Use certified service technicians
  • Conduct systematic follow-ups of inspections and repairs
  • Upgrade existing facilities with repairs or new technology
  • Monitor and follow up existing legislation, regulations and norms
  • Train your staff in the use of our equipment

Dexion Rack Inspections

There are many hidden dangers in a warehouse such as damaged racking, unsuitable rack protection, missing parts or untrained staff. Some hazards are easier to spot, but many are hidden and the consequences of taking no action can result in damaged stock or injured staff. By spotting the details that cause damage early, Storage Systems rack inspectors are fully certified, and highly experienced to conduct yearly inspections and to ensure that your facilities are kept safe. Following every inspection a detailed report is provided, offering advice and indicating areas that require immediate action or future attention by using a simple traffic light indicator. Each visit is certified and documentation provided that can be clearly displayed on the racks to confirm our inspection. Our inspections strictly comply with all government guidelines and legislation and any rectification work is fully guaranteed. Keep your warehouse safe. Let us identify the early signs before it’s too late.