Storage Systems


Racking for palletised goods

Raw materials delivered to a drug manufacturer often arrive palletised and need to be stored ready for usage, sometimes in temperature controlled environments. Once manufactured and packaged they need to be stored prior to dispatch, usually on pallets.

  • Wide aisle racking for easy access
  • Mobile Pallet Racking for dense storage
  • Pallet Shuttle/Drive-in without access lanes for bulk storage
  • Carton or Pallet Flow for automatic stock rotation

Dexion’s racking has numerous design layouts that can be used in ambient or chilled environments. Wide aisle racking offers easy access and the ability to adjust the layout. Mobile pallet racking is ideal for limited space, Pallet or Carton Flow for FIFO handling or alternatively Drive in or Pallet Shuttle for dense storage of bulk stock. Dexion can help design, manufacture and install your ideal solution.

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