Storage Systems


Storage Solutions for Third Party Logistics

The challenges faced by 3PL companies requires optimum storage solutions that guarantee speed, flexibility and safety of the products stored. Some of the key issues faced are:

  • Flexibility to alter layouts and adapt as contracts change
  • Ability to store a variety of different sized goods
  • Optimum use of space in a warehouse, obtaining the most storage in the smallest space
  • Fast access to goods as deliveries are collated and assembled

Tailor made storage solutions

We understands the issues involved in a 3PL warehouse suggesting the best layout to maximise your space. Our Systems can virtually double your utilisation increasing storage by up to 83%. Storage that’s designed with a clear understanding of the way items are moved and used can save time and speed up process by a significant degree. With our wide range of pallet racking solutions which includes the latest in shuttle and mezzanine multi-tier systems, we can create the optimum storage solution just for you. We even offer the ability to see your designs in 3D before you commit to them.














Drive in storage ideal for similar goods













A multi-tier picking facility utilising the full height of warehouse building














Pallet Shuttle System, operates in a racking structure, similar to Drive-in, a semi-automatic, moving platform places and retrieves pallets.







Pallet storage for heavy and bulky items

Pallet racking can be designed to maximise the height, width and depth of a storage area and is ideal for storing heavy or bulky items that require a fork lift truck for picking. Large distribution centres and warehouses benefit from this type of storage solution. Arranged with either wide or narrow aisles, or as a drive-in solution our racking enables a strong, fit for purpose installation to be created. With the addition of accessories, such as pull-out-units, mesh shelving or walkways a multi-tier picking facility can be created.