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10 Top Mezzanine Floor Benefits

  1. Simple way to increase floor space

In comparison to moving premises or adding extensions, installing mezzanine floors is a straight-forward, fast way to drastically increase floor space with minimum disruption to warehouse activities.

  1. Cost

Mezzanine floors are budget friendly in comparison to alternative options. Installation time is short and the construction material is not overly expensive. The increased floor space then pays for itself, as there is more floor space for storage or warehouse activities which results in increased efficiency.


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  1. More retail space

Mezzanine has flexible design options which can be used for many purposes. For bricks and mortar companies, mezzanine floors can be used for storage, product displays or as a quiet area for sales meetings.

  1. Flexibility

Every warehouses needs are unique. Bespoke design mezzanine floors are customisable to meet precise warehouses requirements in terms of available floor space.


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  1. Increased Productivity

Mezzanine floors mean a decrease in clutter which means increased efficiency and a lower risk of warehouse accidents. The increase in space means warehouse activities can be carried out faster and with more ease.

  1. Easy Installation

Mezzanine floors are simple and fast to install with an average floor being installed in 7 days or under. This allows for seamless integration within an existing environment so day to day operations are unhampered whilst the floor is being constructed.

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  1. Planning permission

Planning permission is rarely required for a mezzanine floor and when it is needed , it is a very straight forward and cost efficient process.

  1. Long-term solution

It is very difficult for a warehouse to maximize its storage capacity, particularly in times of peak demand. Mezzanine floors are a very effective way to increase storage space and are not necessarily a short term solution. Well-built and designed mezzanine floors can be used for years.

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  1. Keep your current location

If your warehouse is outgrowing its facility, relocating may seem like the most obvious option. This is likely to incur significant costs as well as a decline in productivity to facilitate moving. Getting a mezzanine designed and customised for your warehouse will mean avoiding relocation costs through making use of available space. This means drastic costs savings and reduced loss of productivity.

  1. Fully demountable

Unlike plant extensions, mezzanine is not a huge commitment. If you install mezzanine floors and later still need to move premises, mezzanine can be deconstructed and reconstructed in the new location.


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