Storage Systems


Pallet Racking – The choice is yours with Dexion

There are so many types of racking to choose from it can become quite overwhelming trying to pick the best one for you. Below are the different types of pallet racking broken down into simple descriptions;   P90 Standard Wide Aisle This is the most popular form of racking, easy to access and highly adaptable…


What else can Storage Systems do for you!

We know that many potential customers start off by asking us about pallet racking. After all, it’s still the most popular storage system in use today all over the world. And quite rightly so, for many locations. But what about those customers who have long, bulky items they need to store…customers who need to store tyres…


Why choose Cantilever Racking?

If you’re planning on storing long loads, most of the time it’ll come down to two options, which are cantilever racking and floor stacking. Floor stacking may look like the cheaper option initially but it’s storage capacity is very limited which in turn lowers its efficiency, so by default it can end up being the…


Office Shelving Tailored For Your Needs

  At home in offices, archives, stores and depositories, Sysco Office Shelving is easily adaptable to suit your exact storage and spatial requirements with a variety of dimensional configurations available.  A full range of accessories and optional extras make it suitable for storing almost anything and the system can be easily extended or made mobile…