Storage Systems


Options when choosing shelving

Choosing the correct shelving is not a task to be under estimated as as there are many different kinds of shelves and each one has varying properties designed for a specific purpose.


Does what you require need to be able to hold a certain weight? What are the height and width dimensions? Does it have to be made of a specific material? These questions and more are what you should be thinking about before you make any purchases so that you don’t end up making the wrong decision and spending time and money unnecessarily in an attempt to remedy the error.


But don’t worry, as we are going to give an overview of several different types of shelving and what they are used for and when you should buy them.


Office Shelving: For a reliable and highly adaptable model that works for offices, shops, storage, archiving and many more uses, the Sysco Office shelving is a tried and true model to suit your office shelving needs. It can have varying heights, widths and depths that make it essential in any office or workspace. It can also come available with perforations to allow for ventilation throughout the shelving to help keep your stored items preserved. With such a wide range of features to choose from and adjust to your liking, makes this model a must in any office.


Library Shelving: When you’re designing your library, you’ve got to think about how you want the feel to be. Do you want it to feel like the classical look, wooden shelving and old musty tomes? Or a newer feel, with glass or steel shelves? This decision will shape how you and those who use it perceive it. All these options and more are available with the Sysco Library shelving. With more than just design choices, it comes with other features such as noise dampening acoustic panels and two bracing options for whatever media you may be storing.


Longspan Shelving: If you are looking for a strong, adaptable form of shelving that minimizes lost space, then Longspan shelving is what you are looking for. Ideal for offices, retail outlets and warehouses that are short on space. Being able to support upto 500kgs on each shelf makes it able to hold all sorts of loads; files, timber, books or any kind of awkward bulky goods. And with its modular design and the fact that you don’t need any special tools or equipment to assemble it means it can be installed and set up within minutes.


Metal Shelving: If you’re in the market for metal shelving that is strong, durable and able to take up to 150kgs per shelf, the HI280 shelving is what you need for your warehouse, storeroom or archive. With the versatility of the shelving you can have it set up as a standard storage system or if you are looking to save on floor space you can add a bit of height to it and make it a multi floored system. Using a design based on the least amount of components required, it doesn’t have any bolts and doesn’t require a reinforced cross bracing, but don’t be worried as the stability of the frame isn’t in any way compromised by this design, it is incredibly reliable and should be a consideration for anyone looking for metal shelving.


Pharma Shelving: When dealing with pharmaceutical products you need to focus more on what is required for the stored items rather than the look or the feel of the shelving. Due to the nature of some pharmaceuticals you would need to look into some form of climate control to made sure that like food and vegetables, don’t perish and go off while they are on the shelf. Another thing to keep in mind is to have everything kept separate and in their respective containers to prevent cross contamination or accidental mix ups of the products. So you may want to have them all separated onto different shelves to remove the chance of confusion, so you would definitely want to consider a type of secure shelving with a lot of shelves or shelf room.


Warehouse Shelving: When planning your warehouse shelving the most important thing you need to know the available storage space. You need to know the length, width and height and plan accordingly. You need to make the most of the space you have and try and use shelving to make it run smoothly and efficiently. Will you have staff constantly walking through the warehouse? Do you need to leave space for forklifts to maneuver through the aisles? These questions and more are what you should be asking yourself in preparation for your warehouse and its storage needs.