Storage Systems


Common Types of Pallet Racking

  It’s important to plan ahead and focus when choosing a pallet racking system that will function correctly and have a logical layout for your warehouse. There are many different kinds of racking systems to choose from that all help you maximize the space of your location. Whether you need First In, First Out (FIFO),…


Dexion – The Right name in Warehouse Pallet Racking

With over 50 years of experience in storage systems, Dexion pallet racking is the most trusted in the industry and should be the number one choice for your warehouse storage facility. Pallet racking can be a rather complex business; you must decide what you want from your racking system. Which system is most cost effective?…


New vs Used Shelving Systems

For over 40 years, Storage Systems Limited have received daily phone calls and emails from people asking do we stock used shelving and a lot of the time we do, but there are some advantages to think of when investing in a new shelving system. Our shelving systems for example are always certified by the…


Dexion Slotted Angle – Get the right angle on every Job

Imagine a world without Dexion Slotted Angle. It’s been around for over sixty years so it is difficult to imagine a world without it. Dexion Slotted Angle is quickly and easily cut to size and bolted together to form frameworks which can be readily modified or completely dismantled and the components re-used. Strong, square structures…


Archive Storage – Let’s move forward to Electronic Mobile Systems

  Lets assume that the majority of archive strong rooms at some point will have been fitted with space-saving roller racking or mobile shelving systems to best utilise the cubic space available. The majority of these mobile shelving systems will be manually driven, with a handwheel on the end of each aisle. Historically, archives employed…