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Why move out when you can move UP!

Now that the high price of Irish commercial properties is back with a bang, companies are forced to look at alternative means of increasing office, storage and production space without incurring the costs associated with moving to a new location or extending existing premises. Storage Systems Limited believe they have the answer to this problem with their Mezzanine Floor system.

Structural steel floors can be used to double the floor area in buildings where available headroom permits. Each floor is designed to suit the client’s specific requirements and comprises pre-punched factory finished components based on a design concept that is entirely flexible and easily adaptable. The modular components can be combined to give greater strength for extra wide column spans and multiple floor levels. Floor finishes can be either timber or steel and will combine with stairways, handrails and safety gates to provide a safe, secure and attractive mezzanine floor.

Additionally, Storage Systems Limited can provide any necessary fire protection to the underside of the floor and can also supply and install office partitioning systems to create additional office space or industrial steel partitioning for additional storage facilities. One great advantage of our Mezzanine floors is that it is easily installed and will cause minimal disruption to an ongoing business operation.

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