Storage Systems


Storage Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industry

  Whether you are developing, manufacturing, or distributing and selling pharmaceutical products, our wide range of adaptable products meets the most stringent requirements for the safe and correct storage within the Pharmaceutical Industry. It goes without saying there is no room for error, as the consequences can be fatal. If you have various requirements for…


Dexion – The Right name in Warehouse Pallet Racking

With over 50 years of experience in storage systems, Dexion pallet racking is the most trusted in the industry and should be the number one choice for your warehouse storage facility. Pallet racking can be a rather complex business; you must decide what you want from your racking system. Which system is most cost effective?…


Why inspect your Warehouse Pallet Racking ?

  Why does your racking need a regular inspection? Regular inspection and repair of your pallet racking and shelving is a critical element of warehouse management. Warehouse and Operational Managers may not understand the risks to operation, staff and stock if they fail to take care of their storage systems. Failure to carry out regular…


How Will Your Warehouse Benefit from our Pallet Racking Systems?

Is your business struggling with the pitfalls of a small warehouse? Or is your current “organised” warehouse system anything but that? Well, it might be time to consider one of our Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems. Pallet Racking is ideal for a vast range of markets, whether Logistics storage, manufacturing warehouses or pharmaceutical and are designed to store…