Storage Systems

Clonakilty Food Company (Cork)

The new custom-built €7m Clonakilty Food Company factory officially opened in the West Cork town, the culmination of more than a year’s construction work and the realisation of a dream for the Twomey family. Eighteen years ago, production of the world-famous black pudding and the company’s other products switched to a facility in Little Island outside Cork City. This sate of the art factory now serves the popular brands exports to the UK, UAE and the US.

Storage Systems Limited has completed a large Dexion Drive-In Pallet Racking installation for Clonakilty food company. This installation comprises of 2 blocks of Dexion Drive In Pallet Racking for the storage of 340 pallets located in 2 cold rooms within the factory.

Block 1 is 18m wide x 4.5m high x 6.3m deep and consists of 12 lanes 1370mm wide. Each lane is designed to store 6 pallets in the depth and 3 pallets in the height. Block 2 is 8m wide x 4.5m high x 8.5m deep and consists of 5 lanes 1370mm wide. Each lane is designed to store 8 pallets in the depth and 3 pallets in the height. All lanes are equipped with full length guard rails, crash barriers and floor pallet back stops to protect the racking structure from collision damage.

Benefits of Dexion Drive In Racking

  • High density storage - maximising cubic space
  • More pallets stored per cubic metre than any other storage system
  • Ideal for cold and chill storage applications
  • Accessible by the First-in last out principle
  • Used for bulky goods of the same type