Storage Systems

Keeling's (Dublin)

Keeling’s is a multinational company, focused on growing, sourcing, shipping, marketing and distributing fresh produce such as fresh fruit, salads, vegetables and flowers for Ireland and export to Europe. Storage Systems Limited was awarded the contract to supply and install Dexion P-90 Drive-in Pallet Racking to 3 chill stores at their main distribution warehouse in St Margaret’s, North Dublin.

This installation comprises of 75 lanes of Dexion P-90 Drive-in Racking 8.3m high. Drive in Racking lanes are 4 pallets high x 3 pallets deep and 3 pallets x 2 pallets deep. All lanes are equipped with full length guard rails and column protectors to protect the racking structure from forklift collision damage.

In Addition, Storage Systems installed Dexion Conventional Pallet Racking 6m high x 2.7m wide with 2 beam levels for storing standard pallets serviced by a conventional fork lift truck. Each upright is fitted with column protectors and each end of row with crash barriers to prevent damge to the racking.