Storage Systems

National Museum of Ireland

The National Museum of Ireland collects, preserves, promotes and exhibits all examples of Ireland's portable material heritage and natural history.

Storage Systems Ltd has completed a large installation of Dexion Mesh Steel Partitioning at their new central storage warehouse facility located in North County Dublin. This installation comprises of numerous steel mesh cage lock up areas housing some of the National Museum most prized collections which are currently in storage. Each lock up cage area has its own double sided push pad locakble door as well as an emergency escape door at the rear of each cage.

Within these cages Dexion HI280 Shelving was installed. This Installation comprises of 1500 bays of Dexion HI-280 Shelving installed in numerous mesh cages previously supplied by storage systems Ltd. Each bay of shelving is 2100mm high x 1000mm long x 600mm deep and fitted with 8 shelf levels for the storage of natural history collections. Each shelf level is capable of carrying 215kg’s U.D.L. and is free from nuts and bolts eliminating the risk of damage to the historic collections been stored.

The total storage capacity of this project is 10,000 linear metres.

National museum of Ireland