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Carton Flow Racking

Whether installed as part of an assembly line, conveyer belt line or as part of a warehouse logistics system, Dexion Carton Flow can be a crucial element in the supply chain of any operation. Racks fitted with leaning roller tracks allow quick and easy picking stations to be constructed at the ends to allow a more economical and efficient storage and supply system.


Popular for use in assembly lines and conveyer belt lines, the Dexion Carton Flow system consists of a rack with built in leaning roller tracks to provide a picking station at the other end for fast and easy transport to assembly stations.   Carton flow can also be used in warehouses to improve logistics with loading taking place on one side of the racking and picking on the other to provide a storage system that works based on FIFO principals (first in, first out). 


  • Ergonomically designed to promote ease of use
  • Can be used to implement FIFO principals
  • Modularly designed to be highly flexible and adaptable
  • Benefits workflow efficiency

Loading and picking are separated into different aisles allowing both to be done without interruption, providing a more efficient workplace.  An ergonomic design and adjustable racks promote ease of use for workers. 


As cartons are stored with a high packing density, floor space can be freed up that would be otherwise used by traditional storage systems.  Travel distances and times between stock shelves and picking face can be cut, increasing workflow efficiency and reducing overall costs.  Shelves and wheel tracks can be adjusted to suit the storage and transport of different sizes and weights of packages.


  • Width of tracks adjustable in 11.5mm increments
  • Wheel tracks supplied with guiding rails to simplify loading process
  • Integrated dividers help to steer goods in straight line and prevent damage
  • Wheeled tracks made of galvanised steel profiles
  • Rollers made with high quality polyethylene

Constructed as either stationary units or with lockable wheels or integrated into the pallet racking itself, the carton flow system allows for fast and easy modification in warehouse layout.  The modular nature of the carton flow system allows it to be easily changed to suit any facility methods, with the number of levels in the racking adaptable to suit either manual or forklift truck handing of goods.


Adaptable, flexible and with huge economical, efficiency and storage capacity benefits, the Dexion Carton Flow system can greatly enhance your supply chain or warehouse operations and allow you to get more from your workplace.


  • Efficient order picking
  • Supports carton and plastic bins
  • Meets FIFO requirements
  • For uniform containers.

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