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Compactus Dynamic XTR

The simplicity of the electronic control that powers this Compactus® Dynamic XTR mobile storage system from Bruynzeel means that convenience comes at a price that is competitive with turn-handle systems. The controller gives you fast access to contents, with a high degree of safety and operating comfort. Compactus® Dynamic XTR offers all the advantages of Compactus® Original XTR, but with the convenience of electronic control.


Ease of operation

One-touch operation provides unparalleled ease of operation of the electronic Compactus® Dynamic XTR mobile shelving, even when your hands are full. The system can be fitted with automatic aisle lighting for even greater working comfort and to save costs.


Safety of users

User safety is ensured by the Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS) and you can select various safety devices, such as photoelectric beams and motion detection. These features stop the mobile shelves, should another user attempt to move the installation while a person is still inside it. This systems complies with international safety standards such as GS, CE, EN 15095 and IEC 60950.


Protection of files and goods

Vibration-free movement, thanks to ”soft start and soft stop”, ensures that documents stay in place during retrieval. For the best protection the system can interface with safety and environmental systems including fire alarms, temperature, lighting, humidity and ventilation controls. Oversized items can also be stored by an easy adjustment of the mobile stopping distance.



Focus on space efficiency

  • Almost doubles the storage capacity.
  • Adapts to the building constraints; all objects, such as pillars and ventilation shafts will be integrated in the design.

Focus on convenience

  • Effortless operation by ”One touch” controller which allows hands full operation.
  • Allows double-sided operation.
  • Controlled aisle lighting which switches on automatically when bases start moving.

Focus on safety

  • Motor Current Monitoring System.
  • Photoelectric cells.
  • Motion detection.
  • Passive safety.
  • Complies with international safety standards such as GS, CE, EN 15095 and IEC 60950.

Focus on protection

  • Vibration free movement by Soft start – soft stop.
  • Flexible programming of stopping distance between mobiles.
  • Interface with safety and environmental systems.

Focus on security

  • Central locking by floor lock.
  • Slidingdoors, to lock a number of sections.
  • Roller front doors, to lock a single section.

Focus on quality and sustainability

  • High construction quality and perfect finish.
  • Complies with international quality standard RAL.
  • Produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 legislation.

High loads and long mobiles are no problem with the Compactus® Dynamic XTR mobile shelving system. This electro mobile storage system moves at a constant speed independent of its load or length.


Floor options

Solid rails, manufactured from cold rolled steel can be fixed:

  • In the concrete floor.
  • In a raised floor with aluminium ramp for easy access.
  • In an emission free aluminium floor for best protection of the stored items.


  • Mobile base length: up to 14.4 meter.
  • Shelving  height: up to 2994mm in 40 mm increments.
  • Shelf depths: 200, 250, 270, 300, 320, 350, 370, 390, 400, 450 mm.

Load capacity

  • Maximum load per mobile base    8 ton version is 16 tons
  • Maximum block weight               160 ton version is 320 tons


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