Storage Systems

Data Center Cages

Our Data center cage systems are perfect solution for data centre environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of security.


Data Center Server Segregation
Our high quality server partition system can be used to economically separate and secure customer specific server or network equipment.  Our open but secure design allows free circulation of light, HVAC and fire suppression systems throughout the secured server storage area, with a variety of sizes and options available. Strong, durable and attractive, our server cages will impress potential clients by demonstrating attention to quality and security.


Server Co-Location Enclosures
Our Server Cages allow side by side storage of server racks without wasting space while maintaining individual or multiple-rack security, and secured access. Server cages are an inexpensive, modular option to your network security issues.


Strong and Secure Server Cages
Constructed from steel wire, our mesh partition panels and can be custom fabricated for your site specific application. A choice of locking options for access doors is available, while at all times providing an unobstructed view of the interior of the enclosure and contents.

Our mesh panels or all steel panels are an excellent alternative to brick wall installations in cost terms and are an excellent complement to partitioning walls.


You can build the wall right up to the existing ceiling or, alternatively, use our mesh ceiling, which provides an excellent overview, access for light and sprinkler systems and prevents unauthorised persons from gaining access.


Our panels are fitted with ease using smart attachments and can be used in most environments. The strong Z beam ensures a stable and secure ceiling structure.


Troax mesh panels offer secure solutions for data centres, mesh panels allow complete airflow circulation and can be adjusted.


Secure partitioning solutions for server rooms
Our modular systems, with or without mesh ceilings, can be fitted at any height. The mesh panels allow complete air flow circulation and can be adjusted to fit around existing installations and other obstacles. A complete installation with mesh panels or full steel panels are available.


Full steel panels provide greater seclusion. A number of solutions can be used for in fill under computer floors (picture below) and above suspended ceilings.


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