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Maxi Plastic Storage bins

Designed to store small items, Maxi Bins can be used in any department within a hospital or medical centre.

Made from high grade polypropylene, giving them water and oil resistance, they are incredibly hard-wearing and manufactured to withstand heavy use in tough working environments. Maxi bins come in four colours; red, blue, yellow or green, allowing colour co-ordinated storage, and have an angled holder for the simple reading of barcodes and labels to aid in item identification.


  • Highly durable with water and oil resistance
  • Available in four colours:
    • Red, Blue, Yellow or Greens
  • Provide item location and identification


Quick fit lock-in dividers can be supplied to partition larger bins to maximise efficiency of space. Maxi hooks that can be clipped onto louvred panels to store items from tools to drive belts are also available in four designs.

  • Dividers available
  • Maxi hooks available


Made to fit in any facility and any storage system, Maxi bins can help you to organise your workplace more efficiently by providing long lasting and versatile small item storage.

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