Storage Systems

Multi-tier Pallet Racking

A high-rise pallet racking system that allows access to goods stored over one or more levels by way of integrated walkways, multi-tier pallet racking uses the full volume of a building to maximise storage capacity while delivering increased functionality.


Dexion Multi-tier Pallet Racking maximises the use of floor space by using the full height of the building to create a multi-storey pallet racking structure with integrated walkways and lanes for hand picking operations at numerous levels.


  • Maximises use of floor space
  • Order picking on each level


Especially suited for carton, box and garment storage, multi-tier racking offers improved storage capacity and can often result in reduced costs in terms of man power and materials used in construction compared to a mezzanine floor installation.  Wooden, mesh or steel decking can be combined within the system to increase the number of picking points.


  • Can be a more economical option to a mezzanine floor
  • Offers combined pallet and small goods storage

The system can be customised with a range of stairs, handrails and pallet gates. Sprinkler and lighting systems can be easily integrated within the structure to provide safety and increased functionality.


  • Full range of accessories available


Multi-tier pallet racking is available to be constructed from the floor up or on top of a specifically designed mezzanine floor to permit the use of a storage area below the structure.  Subject to the type of goods to be stored and the loads concerned, the system is capable of:


  • 6 walkway levels
  • Heights of up to 19m
  • Walkway heights of 2775mm
  • Walkway aisle widths from 800mm to 1800mm.


Ideal for when a storage solution needs to use the full volume of a building or to maximise storage within a tight footprint, multi-tier pallet racking offers exceptional and versatile operational capabilities within one system.

Depending upon the loads involved, Multi-tier pallet racking can


  • Have up to 6 walkway levels
  • A total height of up to 19m
  • Walkway heights of 2775m
  • Walkway aisle widths from 800mm to 1800mm


Multi-tier structures can be installed directly from the floor or alternatively on top of a specially designed mezzanine structure – this allows for a multi-functional storage area below.



  • Utilises the full height of the building
  • Optimises your floor space
  • Allows order picking on multiple levels
  • Can combine pallet storage and small goods storage
  • Removes the need for a mezzanine floor

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