Storage Systems

Picture Racking

A major advantage of pull-out painting frames is that the paintings are easily accessible, while efficient use is made of the available space. If you need to view a certain painting, only the paintings in the frames concerned are moved. There is three different versions as follows....


ArteStore Penda, pull-out painting frames: suspended


  • Suspended painting frames move virtually without any vibration and are extremely stable. The advantage of this system is that the floor surface is not uninterrupted by rails.
  • If the ceiling does not have sufficient load-bearing capacity, the system is suspended to a steel construction.
  • The wire-mesh walls are made to measure.   

ArteStore Terra, pull-out painting frames: moved along rails fixed to the floor

  • These painting racks also move virtually without any vibration and are extremely stable.
  • A steel construction is rarely required, since the guide rails on the ceiling do not bear any weight.
  • The wire-mesh walls are made to measure.  


ArteStore Rota, pull-out painting frames: moved across the floor on wheels

  • If customisation is a less important criterion, this system offers a cost-efficient solution.
  • The amount of vibration depends on the smoothness or roughness of the floor surface.
  • The system is available in standard sizes. 


Focus on space efficiency

  • High storage capacity per m² floor surface

Focus on accessibility

  • Several people can access the collection at the same time
  • The floor surface is uninterrupted by rails.

Focus on conservation

  • Only a single rack is moved at a time.
  • No air flow around the collection during movement.
  • The pull out painting frames move virtually without any vibration.
  • The amount of vibration depends on the smoothness or roughness on the floor surface.
  • Completely emission-free thanks to steel with 100% cover of the epoxy coating.

Focus on flexibility

  • Available in different dimensions to accommodate the size of the collection items and the available space.

Focus on multifunctionality

  • Suitable for the storage of paintings, photos and textile.
  • With special brackets also suitable for the storage of light-weight carpet rolls and spears.

Focus on quality and safety

  • Produced according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
  • Meets all important international safety standard GS.


Mesh panels with mesh 50x50x3mm. X X X
Maximum dimension frames L x H . 5m x 2.6m or 4m x 3.25m 6 x 4 4 x 3

Load capacity


25 kg/m² on each side of the mesh panel.



Frame construction Frames run with wheels on steel rails Frames run through top guidance profiles Frame run with wheels on existing floor
Guidance to damp vibration Top guidance with 3 spring rubber wheels One guide wheel that lightly touches the floor Top guidance with guidance block

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