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Push Back - Rollers

Ideal for the storage of bulk goods, Push Back Roller racking can provide up to a 75% increase in storage capacity when compared to conventional racking systems.


Working on a FILO principle, pallets stored are pushed back into the racking by the next loaded pallet, and roll forward to the front when being picked, allowing for a smooth and easy pick and deposit system.


Dexion push-back roller racking, sometimes referred to as dynamic pallet racking, is ideal for storing bulk goods on the FILO principle (first in, last out).  Using the P90 pallet racking system as a base and integrating roller conveyors into the system in channels equal to one sub-frame of P90 racking, push-back roller racking allows for smoother operation within your facility.


  • Works on FILO principle
  • Up to 75% increase in storage capacity
  • Quick and easy access to all channels.

Up to ten pallets can be loaded within one of these channels one after the other, with each newly loaded pallet pushing the previous one into the system.  Each time a pallet is unloaded from the picking face the other pallets roll forward at a controlled pace due to the 4 degree incline built into the system.


  • Loading and picking from the same face
  • Pallets are always presented at front of racking


Individual pallets that are stored behind the pallets at the picking faces cannot be directly accessed.  Picking and depositing take place at the racking front to decrease forklift truck movement and cycle times.


  • Operations are reduced to a minimum
  • Storage capacity increases by up to 75% (compared to conventional pallet racking stores)
  • Quick and easy access to all channels
  • Maximum use of floor space
  • Suitable for bulk storage and cold store
  • Pallets always presented at the front of racking
  • Accessible by First-In – Last-Out principle

P90 Push Back is a dynamic storage solution which is based on our P90 Pallet Racking System including wheel/roller conveyors.


Pallets are stored on the wheeled/roller conveyors and each new pallet pushes the previously stored pallet back into the channel. Loading and unloading only takes place at the racking front so that forklift truck movements and cycle times are minimised.


Push back roller racking can increase your storage capacity and streamline your warehouse operations, allowing you to implement procedures that will save you time and money. Due to the sloping wheel/roler conveyors the rear pallets always arrive at the racking front after the unloading of the foremost pallet.


Standard Dimensions:


  • Channel Depth: Up to 10 Pallets
  • Channel Height: Up to 12000 mm

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