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Push Back - Trolleys

Providing quick and easy access to pallets stored through the implementation of a simple mechanism, the Push Back Trolley system is ideal for the high density live storage of goods. Pallets stored are each pushed back into the racking system by the next loaded pallet and return to the front picking face when the previous pallet is unloaded.


Delivering high-density live storage, Dexion Push Back Trolley racking allows fast access to the pallets loaded within the system.  Working on the FILO principle (first in, last lout), pallets are stored on telescopic trolleys or carts, with each loaded trolley being pushed back into the racking by the next loaded trolley.  When unloading, pallets stored on the trolleys return to the front of the rack when the previously loaded pallet is picked.


  • Fast and simple access to all storage lanes
  • Optimisation of storage space within footprint
  • Mechanism means next pallets are presented at picking face
  • Works by FILO principle
  • Ideal for bulk or cold storage

A range of trolley sizes is available to suit all types and sizes of pallets. Colour coding of trolleys can aid stock identification, and a unique multi-wheel design ensures trolleys run smoothly and reliably, even in the demanding environment of a cold stores.


Each channel of trolleys can be two, three or four pallets deep.  Loading and picking takes place at the same channel face, decreasing travel times for forklift trucks and reducing cycle times. 


The Speedlock trolleys are designed to be capable of storing mixed pallets in the same rack and in the same lane and trolley sizes can be configured to deal with all kinds and sizes of pallets. 


To assist in stock location and identification trolleys can be colour-coded.  To guarantee ease and efficiency of use, trolleys run on multiple wheels for smooth and reliable movement even in challenging cold storage environments.

Available to be configured for all sizes of pallets and capable of storing mixed pallets within the same rack, the Push Back Trolley system provides a quick, easy and efficient pick and deposit system for your warehouse that can save you time and money in your operations.



  • Quick easy access to all storage lanes
  • Maximum use of floor space
  • Suitable for bulk storage/cold store
  • Pallets are automatically presented at the rack pick face
  • Accessible by Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) principle.

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