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Steel Mesh Partitioning

Our mesh partitions are a very cost-effective solution for providing a high level of protection in warehouses and storage spaces in industry and logistics. People are protected from harm and valuables can be stored securely. Caelum is a modular system of mesh panels and doors designed for material handling. Warehouse and industrial partitions are available in various levels of protection and also as solid sheet metal partitions. 

The system is flexible, simple to install and very strong, with fully welded mesh contained within a strong steel framework. The mesh partitions are specifically adapted for your needs using the system's smart accessories.


Mesh partitioning panels are available in 7 different standard widths - 200mm, 300mm, 700mm, 800mm, 1m, 1.2m or 1.5m wide, and these can be cut on site to go round any obstructions or buttresses etc (a cover channel is fitted over the cut end to maintain the integrity of the cut panel and prevent any sharp edges being exposed). Each standard panel is 2.2m high but the panels can be stacked vertically or even sideways on top of each other to achieve higher partition walls if required, and the top panel cut / trimmed to take you right up to the roof if you need (including cutting into a sloping roof around portal frames and other obstructions), whilst still ensuring a truly demountable partition system ideal for any dynamic secure storage space that may require changes to its room layouts at times.


Mesh Partitioning panels bolt directly to each other and to the floor, on longer runs or runs higher than one panel special support feet may be used to provide stability to the structure.


Caelum is mesh partitions that are constructed from modular panels of various sizes. The system can vary in height from 800 mm up to the height of your ceiling. It is installed as a free-standing unit or anchored to the walls in any type of space or premises. The system can be disassembled, moved or expanded using normal tools. Caelum can easily be combined with other Troax panels and is therefore a future-proof investment.


The strong mesh panels are manufactured from fully welded mesh and steel frames. They are powder coated in grey as standard, but you may also have them in your choice of RAL colour or galvanised for use in cold premises or outside.




The Mesh system for industrial and warehouse partitions includes doors for people and gates for vehicles in many sizes, with heights from 2200 mm up to 4400 mm. Doors and gates can be supplied with factory-mounted hinges and lock cases for quick and simple on-site installation. You can also choose sliding doors instead of swing doors on hinges. Doors and gates are primarily based on our UX 450 mesh panel, in solid designs with fully welded mesh and steel frames. The standard model is powder coated in grey, with your choice of RAL colour or galvanised available as options.



You adapt simple mesh partitions to your premises and your needs. The industrial and warehouse partition system includes smart accessories that you combine with mesh partitions and doors to create the most effective solution. The range of accessories includes stanchions and mountings that create a stable and secure installation. Using smart sections, you can adjust the width, height and corner angle with ease – an important safety measure if the partitions have to be moved quickly.  You can also choose different types of lock for doors and gates. Who will have access to the space? Does the door need to be used for evacuation? With the right answer, you'll find the right lock among our accessories, whether it is a manual or an automatic solution.



Panels UR350 H x W (mm)

Panels UX450 H x W (mm)

2200 x 200

800 x 200

2200 x 300

800 x 300

2200 x 700

800 x 700

2200 x 800

800 x 800

2200 x 1000

800 x 1000

2200 x 1200

800 x 1200

2200 x 1500

800 x 1500

Available in UR 350 & UX 450

Available in UX 450 execution


Technical info UR350

Technical info UX450

Frame: 19 x 19 x 1mm

Frame: 30 x 20 x 1.25mm

Wire: 2.5 x 2.5mm

Wire: 3 x 3.75mm

Mesh Size: 50 x 50mm

Mesh Size: 50 x 50mm & 25 x 25mm



Doors available in UX 450 execution in various combinations; swing doors, sliding doors, different lock options etc.

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