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Talk n Pick Warehouse Solutions

Talk’nPick is a cost-effective and fast way to take warehouse operations performance to a new level without heavy system upgrades and big business risks.


Talk’nPick is an agile and multimodal warehouse management solution for use with voice, scanners, or a keyboard. Lightweight and wearable, it goes along conveniently with the user.


With the help of modern technology, warehouse tasks are handled according to the end-user’s choice. Speech recognition, different kind of barcode readers, and standard mobile devices work seamlessly together. The flexible solution is both device- and network independent.



The solution works on a wireless Wi-Fi or public mobile network to avoid the cost of building and maintaining your own internal network. Superior easy to use Talk’nPick pays particular attention to the needs of users. The ease is already visible in the deployment phase, as the work becomes more efficient starting even from the first hours. Freeing user’s hands and eyes into the actual work and superior ergonomics improve the sense of work.


Talk’nPick has received 100% recommendation from our users! Talk’nPick can integrated to the client’s system in several ways. The fastest and easiest option is the voice picking interface found in many ERP and Warehouse management systems. The decision on integration is always made based on the customer’s needs and the system in place. Boosts operations by up to over 40% Talk’nPick improves the efficiency of internal logistics operations, saving up to 40% of working time. At the same time, it reduces the number of errors in picking up to 80%.


Superior usability also enables the rapid use of temporary workforce. Help in your warehouse comes quickly if needed, as the solution is at its best available one month after the order! Warehouse management at the new cost level With multi-customer batch picking and other warehouse management features, Talk’nPick also improves warehouse management in many new ways. It helps you to streamline your operations without heavy updates or investing in complex and affordable inventory management software

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