Storage Systems

Sisk Healthcare Group (Dublin)

Storage Systems Limited has completed a large turnkey storage solution project for Sisk Healthcare Group in Finglas Dublin 11. This project comprises of 100 bays of Dexion P90 Conventional Pallet Racking 11m high x 2.7m wide with 2 to 6 beam levels decked with mesh shelf panels throughout which are accessed by articulated forklift trucks.

Column protectors are fitted to each upright and rack end barriers are fitted to the end of each row to reduce collision damage. Troax Anti-Collapse Mesh is fitted to the back of the last row of racking 9m high x 45m long to protect operatives when there is a potential risk from falling objects.

1 block of Dexion P90 Push Back LIFO Pallet Racking 11m high x 7m wide x 5m deep with 5 lanes and 5 beam levels is installed in the main warehouse. In conjunction with the Pallet Racking, Storage Systems installed 500 bays of Dexion HI280 Shelving 1m wide in different heights, depths and shelf levels with shelf dividers to suit the diverse number of products been stored.

In certain areas within the warehouse, Troax Mesh Steel Partitioning is installed to create lock up cages for Dexion Longspan shelving and low level height Dexion P90 Pallet Racking which is used for the storage of bulky stock products.